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In 1911, Kansas became the first state to pass a law regulating the sale of investments (securities). A driving force for the law’s passage was an effort to prevent the sale of worthless investment opportunities promoted by “rainmakers.” These fraudsters traveled to farming communities promising the ability to create rain clouds but, in the end, produced nothing more than “blue sky.”

Other states eventually followed Kansas’ lead by passing similar regulatory laws. State securities laws all pay a subtle tribute to Kansas history in their commonly known name, “Blue Sky Laws.”

As the state regulator for the securities industry, the Office of the Securities Commissioner was established to serve the public by helping Kansans safeguard personal wealth from deceptive behavior. This civic mission was the reason behind the creation of the Smart Invest KS initiative.

Our website’s fun sports-themed twist on fraud prevention and investor education is designed to promote integrity within the investment industry and empower rookie & veteran investors alike.


    Whether you are just coming off the bench or a seasoned pro, our goal is to coach you on how to avoid investment fraud by chalking up the offensive and defensive X’s & O’s.

      SmartInvestKS.com is an investor empowerment initiative brought to you by the Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner, a division of the Kansas Insurance Department.